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    After taking this course, you should be able to:

    • Discover and describe the Cisco Multilayer Director Switch (MDS) platform of multilayer switches and directors.
    • Provisioning Cisco MDS Switches
    • Describe key product features of the MDS platform
    • Describe and implement automation an Cisco MDS Switches
    • Configure and implement the Cisco MDS switches and platform features
    • Resolve issues and troubleshoot FC domains, zones and zone merges, and switch boot and firmware upgrades


    To fully benefit from this course, you should have the following knowledge and skills:

    • Basic understanding of data storage hardware components and protocols, including Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) and Fibre Channel
    • Basic understanding of network protocols, including Ethernet and IP
    • Basic routing and switching knowledge

    These are the recommended Cisco courses that may help you meet these prerequisites:

    • Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions (CCNA)
    • Understanding Cisco Data Center Foundations (DCFNDU)


    • Describing Cisco MDS Platform
      • Cisco MDS 9700/9300/9200/9100 Hardware
      • 32-Gb Fibre Channel
      • Cisco NX-OS
      • Cisco DCNM
      • Fibre Channel Architecture
      • FCoE Architecture
    • Provisioning Cisco MDS Switches
      • Power-On Auto-Provisioning
      • Cisco DCNM
      • Using Cisco DCNM 11.x
      • RBAC and Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA)
    • Building the Fibre Channel Fabric with Cisco MDS Switches
      • Virtual SANs
      • Port Channels and VSAN Trunking
      • Zoning and Smart Zoning
      • Device Aliases
      • Inter-VSAN Routing
      • Fibre Channel Fabric Security
      • Building SAN Extensions
      • Inter-VSAN Routing
      • Slow Drain Analysis
      • SAN Analytics and Telemetry Streaming
      • Cisco Secure Boot
      • NPV and NPIV
    • Automating Cisco MDS Fabric
      • Cisco MDS NX_APIPython API
      • Ansible
    • Monitoring and Reporting Cisco MDS Features
      • Cisco DCNM SAN Reports and Alarms
      • SAN Analytics and SAN Telemetry Streaming
    • Troubleshooting Common Cisco MDS Issues
      • Troubleshooting Fibre Channel Domains, Zones and Zone Merges
      • Boot and Upgrade Issues

    Lab outline

    • Set Up DCNM
    • Explore DCNM-SAN Client and DCNM Device Manager
    • Configure and Use RBAC
    • Configure and Use RBAC with DCNM-SAN Client and Device Manager
    • Manage VSANs and Fibre Channel Domain
    • Configure NPV and N-Port Identification Virtualization (NPIV)
    • Configure Interfaces
    • Configure Device Aliases and Zoning
    • Explore and Automate with NX-API
    • Perform Slow Drain Analysis with Cisco DCNM
    • Configure SAN Analysis and SAN Telemetry Streaming
    • Configure FCIP Tunnels and FCIP High Availability
    • Configure IVR for SAN Extension
    • Troubleshoot Zoning and Zone Merges