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    Course Name :Design and Implementation of a Practical GPON-POL Network

    Duration   :20 hours

    prerequisite:  Network fundamentals, Switching


    Outline     :

                    Introduction to FTTX

                    GPON network environment

                    GPON Networks Architecture

                    GPON Topology and Technology

                    GPON Network Layers

                    Network Planning and Design

                    Strategic network  planning

                    High-level network design

                    Low-level network design

                    GPON Power Budget Calculation

                    Traditional LAN vs Passive Optical LAN

                    Traditional LAN architecture versus Passive Optical LAN architecture

                    Converting Traditional LAN to Passive Optical LAN

                    Active Equipment

                    PON Standards

                    OLT Types

                    ONT Types

                    Switching Plan and configuration

                    PON plan and configuration

                    ONT Profiles

                    EMS and ACS