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    Certified Security Engineer (MTCSE)

    Training outline




    By the end of this training session, the participant will be able to plan and implement appropriate security measures suitable for the network at hand.

    Target audience:

    Network engineers and technicians wanting to deploy and maintain secure MikroTik device based networks.

    Course prerequisites:

    MTCNA certificate





    Module 1


    Attacks, mechanisms and services The most common threats


    RouterOS security deployment


    Module 1 laboratory

    Module 2


    Packet flow, firewall chains Stateful firewall


    RAW table


    SYN flood mitigation using RAW table


    RouterOS default configuration


    Best practices for management access


    Detecting an attack to critical infrastructure services


    Bridge filter


    Advanced options in firewall filter


    ICMP filtering


    Module 2 laboratory

    Module 3

    OSI Layer Attacks

    MNDP attacks and prevention

    DHCP: rogue servers, starvation attacks and prevention


    TCP SYN attacks and prevention


    UDP attacks and prevention


    ICMP Smurf attacks and prevention


    FTP, telnet and SSH brute-force attacks and prevention


    Port scan detection and prevention


    Module 3 laboratory

    Module 4 Cryptography

    Introduction to cryptography and terminology Encryption methods


    Algorithms - symmetric, asymmetric


    Public key infrastructure (PKI)



    1. Self-signed certificates
    2. Free of charge valid certificates
    3. Using the certificates in RouterOS


    Module 4 laboratory

    Module 5

    Securing the Router

    • •

    Port knocking

    Secure connections (HTTPS, SSH, WinBox) Default ports for the services


    Tunneling through SSH


    Module 5 laboratory

    Module 6

    Secure Tunnels

    Introduction to IPsec L2TP + IPsec


    SSTP with certificates


    Module 6 laboratory